This eye-catching housing development is set to create a stunning environment for people to live. This ambitious development stands tall as an attractive choice for residents and investors alike. This project was forecast to offer close to 600 residential lots.

Murphys Park provides an exciting new opportunity for quality and comfortable living and a source of long-term value. It is expected to be one of Auckland’s most versatile and vibrant up and coming communities.

Murphy’s Park is set to be a high amenity residential community. Part of the project’s vision is to offer quality living that balances access to Auckland city’s convenience and vibrancy, as well as offering elevated views, native bush, and stunning surroundings.

Essential Information

This project is close to 600 freehold residential lots where people can build their dream home on.

The developers have been working hard to ensure that this is a most attractive community to live in. Strict housing design control codes mean that when you choose to live here, you will be buying in a community where utmost care has been given to the design and visual appeal of the houses.

Simply put, Murphys Park is set to be an attractive community for you to live or invest in.

There are also plans to develop a kindergarten and a retirement village here.

With more and more people wanting to move to New Zealand every day, and the country showing a promising economy for years to come, we believe that this is going to be a great residential housing opportunity.


Murphys Park is a high-quality residential development that will be home to a vibrant and thriving community. The nearby areas provide residents with great convenience and access to everything Auckland has to offer.

Since the launch of this project, a sizeable number of potential home-owners, builders and investors have registered interest and are eager to own their own part of Murphys Park.


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