Growth Potential

Murphys Park, and Flat Bush in general, is expected to be a great area to live and invest in, with promising growth potential and returns on the Auckland property market.

The nearby Ormiston Town Centre has only recently been developed. This commercial and administrative hotspot currently caters to the needs of all types of residents. It is expected that the government will further increase the number and variety of facilities available for public use.

The development also borders with large tracts of untouched farmland, as well as the Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve, which is considered to be the largest lowland native bush reserve in New Zealand.

This means that families living here can enjoy the convenience of a modern urban lifestyle, the tranquillity of suburban living as well as the uncontested beauty that the New Zealand outdoors has to offer.

The developers believe that Murphys Park can foster a great sense community, offer convenience due to its proximity to nearby commercial hotspots as well long-term growth in value for investors and residents alike.